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8. How Do You Play Day/Samantha

The Story Pirates realize that their beloved ship is missing a crucial feature, and call upon their listeners for help.

7. Story Love! The Goose Prank/Santa Claus and His Life

The Story Pirates partake in the age old tradition of Story Love, shouting out authors and stories that have inspired them throughout the year!

6. Star/The World Wide Race of the Worst Cars

The Story Pirates receive a visit from an old friend who has gone through a magical transformation due to an interspecies cultural exchange.

5. Olympic Masters/How Penguin Office Became a Thing

The crew gets frazzled when they realize they are almost out of kids’ stories to perform, and Story Pirate Meghan reveals one of her awesome superpowers.

4. Barry and The Big Climbing Tree / The Girls and the Gods

Lee and Peter struggle to find healthy food aboard the ship, and Lee remembers some hidden treasure he had stowed away. Plus two new stories!

3. All 8 Unicorns/Riding a Seagull Was Good

Peter and Rolo's messy habits on board the ship create tension with the rest of the crew.

2. Annoy Your Sister School/The Girl Who Never Took A Bath

Lee and Peter adjust to life on their new pirate ship while fellow Story Pirate Rachel acts very suspiciously.

1. I Love a Ghost/Fred the Carrot

Lee and Peter relaunch the Story Pirates Podcast by setting sail on the high seas in an old pirate ship.